5 Key Things to Look for when Hiring

5 Key Things to Look for when Hiring

Hiring the right employee is easy… if you know exactly what qualities you need to look for.  What are those qualities? 

Here’s how to find out:

Think of the most successful employee or manager you’ve ever worked with… what makes him/her your favourite or what makes him/her successful? 

This simple question will tell you exactly what you are subconsciously going to look for in every candidate.  If you dig a little deeper, you are going to find out that the person you are actually describing is YOU.  As hiring managers/business owners, we often gravitate towards hiring employees who remind us of ourselves.

With that in mind, and apart from qualifications/experience, here are five key things you should also consider when hiring the perfect employee:

1.       Culture and Fit: 

What type of organisational culture do you want to foster – family orientated, market driven, etc.?  It is important that your new employee embodies the qualities of your business culture.  Square pegs in round holes just don’t fit!

2.       Diversity: 

There are a million reasons why you should not try to hire people who remind you of you.  At the top of that list is a lack of business growth.  Always look for candidates who can bring new ideas to your business; not just suggest what you want to hear.  Diversity encourages innovation and creativity.

3.       Your Gut Knows Best:

It’s great meeting candidates that have prepared for the interview and give excellent responses to all your questions but what does your gut say?  Trust it!  Many hiring managers often make gut decisions when it comes to hiring. 

4.       Throw Indicators out the Door!

Candidates with the highest IQ sometimes may not always be the right fit in a team environment.  Sometimes the perception of having a high IQ may lead to being less team oriented.  Super smarts can often work best when the candidate is not heavily identified with being “super smart”.

5.       Check your biases:

Recognise your biases and even discuss them with a colleague after the interview.  It can be as simple as recognising that you did not like the colour of the shirt the candidate was wearing.  Then ask yourself, does it really matter? 

Hiring the right staff is a crucial part of business success, and though it may seem daunting sometimes, it is definitely beneficial to your revenue and profit margin to make the right decision at the beginning, instead of having regrets later on. 


Janeen Valentine-St. Ange
Head, People Strategy and Services- InCrEdible People

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