Sensory Bin Fillers - Beans


color: Ray of Sunshine (Yellow & Orange)


  • You may have your own bin (plastic container)/ tray and toys and all you require is safe, non-toxic fillers. We got you covered with our specially made bean fillers either single color or our special mixes.
  • This natural sensory bean is the perfect activity for pretend play and learning skills!
  • These colored beans encourage little ones to engage in multi-sensory play.
  • The beans are homemade, food grade and non-toxic.
  • Sensory bean is a wonderful sensory material, it’s bright colors and feel make it very appealing to our little ones.
  • Children will build fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking skills when manipulating and exploring with the beans.
  • When paired with loose parts, favorite toys and tools like scoops, cups, and tongs it will provide hours of entertainment and initiate exploratory and imaginative play.

Single colors are available or you can choose from our specialty mixes:

  1. Ray of Sunshine: A mix of oranges and yellows, for our bright sunny days in our island of Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Color Me Rainbow: Who doesn't love a rainbow. A mixed of colors; reds, blues, greens, yellows, violets.
  3. Ocean World: Inspired by our love of the ocean and beautiful beaches in Trinidad and Tobago, includes blues and greens.
  4. Nature: The colors of nature are included in this mix, greens and browns. Inspired by our love for the outdoors.
  5. Candy Land: This was inspired by my 2 favorite colors pink and purple. This mix is great for all little girls to create their own princess world.


Each pack contains: 4 cups of beans



·        CHOKING HAZARD – Parental Supervision required.

·        Sensory Fillers are NOT for consumption.

·        Picture is for Illustration purposes, colors may vary slightly from the photos

·        Colored beans are NOT to be used in water as the color will run/stain.

·         ALLERGENS: This product contains bean, food coloring and vinegar. While we make every effort there is no guarantee that this product does not contain traces of nuts or other allergens.


CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE for single colors or other mixes

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