Sticker Storage Album


style: Nude Roses-Rose Gold


Sticker Storage Album

Available in Two Cover Options: Nude Roses with Rose Gold Title & Pink Chrysanthemum with Silver Holographic Title.

Floral Sticker Storage Album with clear plastic sleeves that neatly hold 60 sticker sheets front and back.

More sticker sheets can be stored if stacked.

Each sheet is clear to allow easy viewing of your stickers at a glance.

Album is bound Traveller's Notebook styled and comes with one laminated cover and three inserts (10 pages each).

Inserts are hand sewn and will come preloaded into the album.

TN style can give you the ability to easily remove inserts or even add additional inserts (books or clear sheets).

Album is capable of holding 4 inserts.

Elastic Closure band is attached.

Holds Sticker sheets up to 5.25 x 8 inches.

These albums are designed to :

  • Display and organize your sticker collection
  • Durable sticker storage in laminated durable cover.
  • Protect each sheet from dust or water.
  • Keeps sheets flat to prevent bending or wrinkling over time.
  • Can be used for collectible cards, photos, receipts , memorabilia, recipe cards etc.

100% Handmade

75 TTD

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