Adaptogenic Immunity Herbal Tincture- $250.00

Are you ready to support your immune system? Adaptogenic Immunity is the perfect addition to your daily health routine!

Many places talk about “boosting” your immune system. We don’t, because that’s not how it works. We’re not trying to ‘rev up’ an immune system into overdrive, or create some kind of ‘super immunity’ because that doesn’t exist. Instead, we use whole organic plants to support the body’s normal functions to optimize the immune system.

What the immune system needs to be healthy is nutrition — and support for body systems that can tax it (like your adrenals or liver).

Adaptogenic Immunity is the perfect combination to support all the most important parts of your body so that your immune system can do its job effectively!

Adaptogenic Immunity is a combination of 5 (certified organic) herbs that can support the immune system, improve the body’s ability to cope with stress, and nourish you for total body wellness! 

These herbs are generally safe even for people who have been told not to use “immune boosters.”

Complete Ingredients:

Vegetable glycerin* — Extracts and naturally preserves herbal formulas.

Filtered water — Free of fluoride, chlorine, and other toxins.

Astragalus root* — Supports the immune system, and works better with daily use. 

Amla berry* — Rich in vitamin C. 

Dandelion leaf* — Rich in vitamins and minerals; supports liver health and kidney health. 

Holy basil* — Balances stress hormones, balances blood sugar, and fights oxidative damage.

Eleuthero* — Adaptogenic, supports adrenal and immune health, improves stress response.

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Ages 2 – 6: 5 drops daily

Ages 7 – 12: 10 drops daily

Ages 13+: 20 drops daily

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