Understanding Seller Packages

You may have already scoped out the 'Become a Seller' page and seen that there are 4 Seller Packages available; Basic, Standard, Smart and Genius. How do you know which is right for your business? What do some of the features really mean? Here we will break down the packages as much as possible.

All packages have a 2-week free-trial period where the seller is not charged for anything. The Basic and Standard Packages have Processing Fees attached to each order. This covers the methods that we process payments for each order and is deducted from the weekly transfer of earnings. This is separate from the monthly subscriptions. Subscription invoices are sent out near the end of the month to be paid by the first of the next month.



The monthly subscription for this package is $100. With the Basic Seller Package sellers will be able to upload a maximum of 50 different products. Each of these 50 products can have as many options as possible. Example: A cup having 5 different colours is 1 product. A bag having 3 different sizes is 1 product. Sellers on this package can have up to 4 active discount codes each month. Each additional code is $10/code. This package also carries a $7 Processing Fee charged to every order. Basic is ideal for the small businesses just starting off that may have a small sales volume.



The monthly subscription for this package is $200. The Standard Seller Package allows the seller to upload a maximum of 100 Products. This Package is allowed 6 active discount codes each month with each additional being $10/code. The Processing Fees on this package is slightly lower, $3 for every order. This package is perfect for the businesses with larger inventories just starting out.



This is where things get juicy. The monthly subscription for this package is $350. With this package comes a range of benefits. Sellers can upload Unlimited Products to their store and have unlimited active discount codes. There are no processing fees. We also throw in a free sole trader business registration and a free session with a business coach as we work closely with a Business Solutions Company. These business development perks can only be effected after 2 months as a seller.  This is our Flagship Package as it's geared towards the business with a high sales volume becoming more established and recognized. 



It goes without saying that this is the package for the beasts. The monthly subscription is $650, and here's why. This package has all the benefits of the Smart Package plus Marketing Boosts. It's geared towards high sales volume businesses who now want to leave the competition in the dust. Team up with the ClicksMart Team to have sponsored social media posts, Blog posts geared towards marketing your online store and personalized email marketing to over 3000 customers on our email listing. 


I hope that this article was helpful in your decision. You can always switch packages if you realize that one isn't working for your business. Choose a package that's manageable for you and your business and don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the ClicksMart Team for help or advice.

All prices are quoted in TTD.

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